Indoor Storage and Shipping


We offer all the best services to help you with your relocation. We pride ourselves not only as a moving company but a senior services company as well. While each client will have unique requests, we are committed to caring for your belongings so moving is made easy.

Review our services and contact us so you can take advantage of our professional moving services.

Prepping and Packing

Once it’s time to move, you will need to pack your belongings. Whether it’s a few items or your entire home, we make sure they’re all packed safely and show up in the same condition.

Moving and Unpacking

Moving and unpacking can be a big hassle. We understand that you might not have time to do this and we can help! That way, you can focus on the other important aspects of the move.

Indoor Storage and Shipping

Through our “vault” style storage, we are able to store and ship your belongings safely.

Consignment, Disposal and Organization

Having trouble fitting your belongings in your new home? Or, are you just wanting to let go of unneeded belongings? BoxElder Services can help you organize and declutter! For all items you want to get rid of, we can help you with this process. It’s up to you!

Handyman Services

Finally moved in! Now you can begin your life in your new home. Let our handyman services take care of jobs including assembling furniture, changing light fixtures, hanging pictures or installing electronics.

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