Indoor Storage and Shipping

Indoor Storage and Shipping


At BoxElder Services we know your needs may vary as you transition from one home to another.  Many new situations can arise; your home may not be quite ready for you to move into or your next destination isn’t certain and you need storage space for a period of time.  Let us help you save time, money and energy by placing these belongings in one of our climate controlled storage facilities. With our “vault” style storage, the highly durable containers can be brought to your home, packed, sealed and then transported to our facility. These vaults are stored in a clean, accessible and secure environment until you specify a delivery day.

​Downsizing is a great way to reduce the amount of items you no longer need at your new home but others may desire.  We are happy to ship or deliver items to family or friends in other cities or states, or across the country.  BoxElder services can be your one-stop shop for all of your needs.  We would love to take the guess work out of any storage or shipping or {delivery} needs.

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