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Our Simple Process for All of Your Moving's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Boxelder Services understands that it can be tough to move at any stage of your life and a new home can bring bittersweet feelings. We approach each individual and their families with genuine care and sensitivity as they transition. We want to simplify the process and make the move simple and enjoyable. BoxElder Services sincerely cares and goes one step further in making your new home “live in” ready. It’s our heart and soul!


We begin with a friendly in-home survey. Here, we perform a walkthrough of your home. We look at your belongings and create a plan for your move. We can go over all services, answering any questions to get you ready to move.


We will book your move dates and establish a detailed plan so we are ready to move you into the next chapter.


BoxElder professionals will arrive on move day to load all of your belongings and transport them, making sure all details are met and your transition is smooth. Upon arrival at your new space, we will reassemble items, unpack and start on any handyman services that are requested.

Let's Start!

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